Who is this Program For?

  • Leaders at director and above levels who are already successful but could benefit from support and guidance.
  • Senior level C- Suite leaders who could benefit from a thinking and partner and a sounding board.
  • Manager level employees who serve an important current function or are expected to play a larger role in the immediate future.
  • Key individual contributors who need assistance in developing a skill or competency.

About Berke Associates

Berke Associates is a nationally recognized executive leadership coaching and training company. We specialize in executive and leadership development through actionable and achievable steps to accelerate performance and launch career success. Berke Associates includes a select group of experienced, highly trained and talented coaches and consultants. From executive coaching, speaking, group coaching, leadership development to team facilitation, Berke Associates will match you with the associate best suited to meet your developmental needs.

Organizational Benefits

  • More high performing employees.
  • Reduced turnover.
  • Groups learn exactly what they need to learn, since the program is customized for them. Topics are developed after extensive interviews have been conducted with all the participants as well as a group of key stakeholders.
  • Builds enhanced relational skills. Working together in group settings, allows the participants to develop relationships with other groups members.
  • Builds connections between employees who might not otherwise interact. These connections can pay dividends for the organization when participants know who to contact for help and how they might help others when they return to their daily work routines.
  • How to think systemically. Systems thinking allows participants to understand how what they do and how they communicate about it, impacts other parts of the organization.

What Participants Will Lear

Topic will vary from group to group based on the specific needs of the participants. All topics are connected to organizational values and competencies.

Sample topics:

  • Driving for results.
  • Building effective networks.
  • Finding and working with mentors.
  • Listening and communicating.
  • Systems thinking.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Time management strategies; delegation, saying no, disengagement skills, etc.


Executive Leadership Coaching  Susan Auger, PhD

Susan Auger, PhD

  • Creator of the Making the Best of It Resiliency Model.
  • An executive coach and management consultant with over 20 years of experience.
  • Specializes in cultivating collaborative leadership skills.
  • An expert in building healthy organizational cultures.
Executive Leadership Coaching   Chuck Berke, PhD, MCC

Chuck Berke, PhD, MCC

  • Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, a credential held by less than 2% of coaches worldwide.
  • Embeds coaching into his leadership development programs which he delivers to companies globally.
  • Has worked with individuals, teams and departments from many Fortune 100 companies.
  • Author of High Potentials Boot Camp: The Ultimate Playbook for Winning at Work.


BS- Senior Director CPG

Chuck’s coaching was invaluable. He immediately established trust, of vital importance in a coaching relationship. Then Chuck provided me rare insight into my role in the company, the unique strengths I bring to the table, and specific action plans to enact in order to address my opportunities.

CB- VP- Bioprocess/Biopharma Industry

Earlier in my career I had been referred to as “a young man in a hurry.”  I had such a laser focus on career growth, that I had developed some pretty big blind spots.  Chuck was able to show me that by hitting the pause button, taking an inventory of myself, and internalizing feedback I could achieve the goals that I had for myself, but in a way that was genuine and authentic. Very helpful!


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