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It seems unnecessary to explain how difficult and unrelenting the demands on organizational citizens have become.  This program is about using a five-stage, research-based process called Making the Best of it (MBOI), to help organizations and the people who work in them, learn resilience.

We believe that building in resilience is the most effective hedge we have against lost productivity, a disengaged workforce, and even individual burnout.  Berke Associates has developed an organizational intervention program based on Susan Auger’s grounded theory research.  The MBOI resilience model is flexible, which makes it applicable across a wide variety of circumstances.

As with all our other programs, we conduct comprehensive interviews with each client’s key organizational stakeholders to customize the MBOI to meet their needs.  The MBOI model is geared to creating learning organizations, and can be embedded into any organization or team process.  Participants in this program will build their capacity to access their strengths to refocus on, and find joy in their work again.

Who is this Program For?

  • Employees who work under stressful conditions, and would benefit from learning how to become more resilient.
  • Training and development, executive development and human resource professionals who want to help build resilience into their teams, departments and enterprises.
  • Leaders and managers who want to enhance their current skills.
  • Leaders and managers who want to coach themselves and their employees through difficult circumstances.

What Participants Will Learn

  • What happens in each stage of the MBOI process Encountering, Coming Home, Pathfinding, Moving On, and Revisiting, as well ass how to navigate them.
  • How to coach employees to transition from one stage to another and when.
  • How to become more self-reflective.
  • How to become more solution focused.
  • How to become more flexible in their thinking and meaning-making.

Organizational Benefits

  • Adds a new set of skills to a leader’s repertoire.
  • Creates a more adaptable and robust work force.
  • Reduces turnover and absenteeism.
  • Helps employees develop self-efficacy so they cansolve their own problems and help others do the same.
  • Builds employee capacity. As they learn to handle stress more effectively they free up time and energy for other purposes.
  • Creates a cohort of employees who understand the process of developing resilience.
  • Creates a group of sponsors who understand and believe in the process.
  • Provides a powerful and effective way to create a resilient culture.


Chuck Berke, PhD, MCC, SCC

Susan Auger, PhD

Chuck Berke

Chuck Berke is an International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach, a credential held by less than 2 percent of coaches worldwide. He embeds coaching into his leadership development programs, which he delivers globally. Author of High Potentials Boot Camp: The Ultimate Playbook for Winning at Work, Berke has worked with individuals, teams, and departments from many Fortune 100 companies.

Susan Auger, PhD

Susan Auger is the creator of the Making the Best of It resiliency model. An executive coach and management consultant with more than 20 years of experience, she’s an expert in building healthy organizational cultures and specializes in cultivating collaborative leadership skills.


MBOI model was enormously helpful in getting our employees through some very turbulent times and back in the game.  This training was different from others I’ve taken, but it was every bit as valuable.

Senior, Director Pharmacology

Organizational environments are not for the faint of heart.  Many of us experience long battles with stress which can take it’s toll.  Susan and Chuck’s guidance helped us recognize how depleted we had become and exactly what to do about it.  I would highly recommend this training!

Senior, VP Sports Marketing


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