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Who Is This Program For?

  • Teams that want or need to function more effectively together.
  • Teams that need to function more effectively with other teams.
  • Teams with remote members.
  • Teams with complicated and heavy workloads and reporting structures.
  • Teams whose members could benefit from individual coaching, which is integrated into this program.

Organizational Benefits

  • Teams that function more seamlessly accomplish and achieve far more than those that don’t
  • Reduced turnover
  • The program is customized for the needs of the team. Topics are developed based on extensive interviews with all participants and a group of key stakeholders
  • Working together in group settings allows participants to build enhanced relational skills
  • Enhanced functioning with other teams is the best hedge against siloed operations
  • Systems thinking allows participants to understand how other parts of the organization are influenced by what they do and how they communicate it

What Participants Will Learn

  • How to manage conflict more effectively.
  • How and why it is important to express their point of view on team matters.
  • What healthy team functioning looks like.
  • How to challenge their own and their team’s assumptions.
  • How to create and adhere to team norms.
  • How to be a good teammate by helping others get better.
  • How to let go of some of what they want for the good of the team.
  • How to identify key issues facing the team and how to create specific plans to solve those issues.


Chuck Berke, PhD, MCC, SCC

Susan Auger, PhD

Chuck Berke

Chuck Berke is an International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach, a credential held by less than 2 percent of coaches worldwide. He embeds coaching into his leadership development programs, which he delivers globally. Author of High Potentials Boot Camp: The Ultimate Playbook for Winning at Work, Berke has worked with individuals, teams, and departments from many Fortune 100 companies.

Susan Auger, PhD

Susan Auger is the creator of the Making the Best of It resiliency model. An executive coach and management consultant with more than 20 years of experience, she’s an expert in building healthy organizational cultures and specializes in cultivating collaborative leadership skills.


Where Chuck and Berke Associates really separate themselves from others is in their capacity to generate solutions. Chuck often says, “We know the what and the why, let’s figure out the how.”  Then in concert with my team members and me, he does.  I highly recommend Chuck and Berke Associates for team development processes, off-site work and executive coaching.

VP, Consumer Packaged Goods

I have worked with Berke Associates at three different companies on a wide variety of engagements and have always gotten excellent results.  Along with the outstanding individual coaching Berke Associates provides their work with our talent pipeline employees has been extremely helpful and well-received.  I would not hesitate to recommend them.

CFO, Pharma


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