Executive Leadership Coaching TESTIMONIALS

Chuck has coached a number of our most valued high potential employees and we have been very pleased with the results. He has a great understanding of not only what motivates people but also the kind of thinking that can stand in their way. What separates him from other coaches and consultants is his ability to help leaders take action in a way that supports company goals, values and initiatives. I would recommend Chuck without hesitation.

Al Carey
CEO Pepsi Beverages America

Within 20 minutes of our first conversation Chuck said, “I bet you suck at self-promotion.” This is when I knew he was the coach to help me get to the next level.

One of the biggest things he helped me with is self-awareness.  Before we started working together, I thought I understood my strengths and weaknesses. However, he helped me realize that some of my perceived weaknesses were actually a key part of my career success. He made me embrace who I am I didn’t need to change that, just what I did and how I worked.

Chuck helped me realize that I needed to delegate more, think more strategically, and lean on and empower those who work for me to do the more tactical work. This was important for me making that transition to next level in my career.

My new role is an important part of the VMAX organization, and it is critical to the success of the product.  I don’t think I would have gotten this position if it wasn’t for Chuck’s help.

Bob D
Vice President, Big Data

Chuck’s coaching was invaluable. He immediately established trust, and them provided rare insight into my role in the company, the strengths I bring to the table, and specific action plans to address my opportunities. Further, he inspired me to focus on achieving successful outcomes through simple yet effective tactics. The results have been wholly positive for me both personally and professionally.

Boyd S
Senior Director, CPG Industry

I brought Chuck in to coach senior level executives at the last two organizations I worked in and he has consistently helped a broad range of executives dealing with a broad range of issues. He has been an asset to me and I know he will be an asset to your company and the individuals who are lucky enough to call him a trusted colleague, as I do.

Director Executive Development Life Sciences Company

I entered into the coaching process with some skepticism due to some ineffective informal coaching I had received in the past. However, my experience with Chuck was completely different. He was the catalyst to help me “get it.” He quickly connected with the way I think and feel, as well as my company’s environment. Then he offered advice for enhancing my leadership capabilities. The experience was life changing. I am a much better leader than I was before working with Chuck.

Chief Marketing Officer GE Commercial