Executive Leadership Coaching Individual Executive Coaching


Individual Executive Coaching


This is a one-on one, six to 12-month process.  We meet with the executive, manager and human resources representative to identify the goals and objectives for the engagement.  In addition, we use structured interviews with the coaching client’s key stakeholders and personality and behavioral assessments, including the Hogan Suite to get a clear picture of the executive’s organizational reputation.  Then we work with the coaching client to create a narrative action plan, which offers specific and actionable steps to take to address any areas of opportunity, often by leveraging strengths.



Team Coaching


This one to two-year process includes individual coaching and team development elements.  The first step is to do an assessment of team functioning.  We also conduct individual team member coaching sessions to supplement quarterly team meetings.

Executive Leadership Coaching Team Coaching


Executive Leadership Coaching Group Coaching


Group Coaching


This approach differs from team coaching in that participants come from several teams or parts of the organization.  The length of this programs varies but it generally lasts six to 12 months.  We use an assessment to identify topics the participants want to work on and then design the sessions based on that feedback.  Group coaching sessions are more flexible, too.  While the topics identified by participants make up the theme of the sessions, our facilitators go where the discussions take them.  Group coaching is also a hybrid model that pulls from elements of executive coaching, organizational development and group processes.  Sessions can be delivered in person, online or both.


Resilience Training Using the MBOI


Wouldn’t it be helpful if your employees had a proven, workable system for bouncing back from stressful times and events?  Susan Auger, PhD of Berke Associates has developed the Makiing the Best of It (MBOI) model which consists of a series of stages for successful navigation stressful situations.  Berke Associates offers training and coaching that will help you embed this model into your organization, team or division.  We show participants how to leverage the MBOI to help themselves and to use it to coach others.

Executive Leadership Coaching Resilience Training Using the MBOI

Executive Leadership Coaching Leader as Coach


Leader as Coach


Time is a precious commodity.  Leaders are often overwhelmed with responsibilities that make it difficult for them to spend time with their employees.  So they need to make the time they do have count.  That's where the Leader as Coach Program comes in. Adapted from Leni Wildflower’s seminal work on knowledge based coaching, this program will teach your leaders how to coach.
Good leaders understand the importance of having people around them who take initiative.  And coaching is about helping people find solutions to their challenges as opposed to solving those problems for them.  The more coaching, we do the less direction we need to provide because employees
will begin to think for themselves and take appropriate action based on their own best instincts and judgement.