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Individual Executive Coaching

This is a one-on-one, six to 12-month process.  We meet with the executive, manager and human resources representative to identify the goals and objectives for the engagement.  In addition, we use structured interviews with the coaching client’s key stakeholders and personality and behavioral assessments, including the Hogan Suite to get a clear picture of the executive’s organizational reputation.  Then we work with the coaching client to create a narrative action plan, which offers specific and actionable steps to take to address any areas of opportunity, often by leveraging strengths.

Berke Associates

Team Coaching

This one to two-year process includes individual coaching and team development elements. The first step is to do an assessment of team functioning. We also conduct individual team member coaching sessions to supplement quarterly team meetings.

Berke Associates

Group Coaching

This approach differs from team coaching in that participants come from several teams or parts of the organization. The length of this programs varies but it generally lasts six to 12 months. We use an assessment to identify topics the participants want to work on and then design the sessions based on that feedback. Group coaching sessions are more flexible, too. While the topics identified by participants make up the theme of the sessions, our facilitators go where the discussions take them. Group coaching is also a hybrid model that pulls from elements of executive coaching, organizational development and group processes. Sessions can be delivered in person, online or both.

Berke Associates

Leader as Coach

In our experience, the skills that leaders bring to their work vary widely.  Some have had wonderful training and thoughtful mentors to help them apply what they have learned.  Others have a natural affinity for guiding and developing others.  But many have had very little formal training and little to no mentoring. This has left many leaders with a very thin repertoire of leadership behaviors. It is easy to understand how this has come about. Most leaders rise through the ranks by being good at their jobs and completing projects and other works tasks quickly and well. But leadership, is about getting things done through others, not doing everything ourselves. It is a skillset that needs to be taught and embedded in an organizational system. Due to the unrelenting demands on everyone’s time, leadership development does not happen unless it is made a priority. It can no longer be left to chance. Most organizations list coaching and mentoring as two must- have leadership skills. The Leader as Coach Program is designed to help leaders acquire these key leadership competencies and to distinguish between them. They are two overlapping but different process.  As we do with all our programs, we customize Leader as Coach to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Berke Associates

Training and Development

We understand the importance of developing your employees. They are your company’s future. We also understand that developmental training programs are big investments of your time and money. They must add significant value in order to justify the monetary expenditure and the time commitment. We use this concept as our operating principle when constructing every training program, we offer.

By interviewing key stakeholders, we get a very clear picture of our client’s needs. We build our programs with a particular theme in mind. We make certain that we understand what the client wants as a result of a given training.  Then we build it. Everything is customized to meet individual and organizational needs.

We specialize in customized soft skills and leadership training. Each training session is informed by the previous session. This approach allows us to make course corrections throughout the training process.  This is a more difficult and time-consuming way to train, but it yields much more robust results than an off- the- shelf program.  We invite you to contact us to discuss your organizational needs and to assess whether what we offer fits your needs.  We would be pleased to send you a sample of a training we have built for our current clients.

Berke Associates

Organizational Consulting

We recognize that it is not enough to have highly trained and talented employees. It is equally important that we assign them to the right roles. When we make these assignments we must take context into account. We work with our clients to ensure that employees take up roles in which they can be successful. We can help change the context in which they operate through organizational insight and intervention.


Chuck’s coaching was invaluable. He immediately established trust, of vital importance in a coaching relationship. Then Chuck provided me rare insight into my role in the company, the unique strengths I bring to the table, and specific action plans to enact in order to address my opportunities.
- Senior Director, Consumer Packaged Goods

Earlier in my career I had been referred to as “a young man in a hurry.”  I had such a laser focus on career growth, that I had developed some pretty big blind spots.  Chuck was able to show me that by hitting the pause button, taking an inventory of myself, and internalizing feedback I could achieve the goals that I had for myself, but in a way that was genuine and authentic. Very helpful!

- VP, Bioprocess/Biopharma Industry

Thank you very much for leading us though the program, sharing your knowledge with us, and supporting us. It has been a priceless experience that for sure had an impact on our lives, both personal and professional.  Thank you!
- Director, Computer/Technology Company

When we recognized that we wanted to develop expertise in Business Partnering for our 300 employees around the globe, Berke Associates developed and delivered a program that did just that. The response to this program and every other program that Berke Associates has delivered has been overwhelmingly positive.
- VP, Scientific Equipment Maker

This program has been ideally timed in our careers for many of us. Certainly, it has been thought provoking and very rewarding. Your support and reinforcement as well as that from the other program participants during the ongoing coaching, has been a real differentiator from other programs! Much appreciated
- VP, Contract Manufacturing Group

Where Chuck and Berke Associates really separate themselves from others is in their capacity to generate solutions.  Chuck often says, “We know the what and the why, let’s figure out the how.” Then in concert with my team members and me, he does. I highly recommend Chuck and Berke Associates for team development processes, off-site work and executive coaching.
- VP, Consumer Packaged Goods

I have engaged Chuck and Berke Associates at three different companies on a wide variety of engagements and always gotten excellent results.  Along with the outstanding individual coaching Berke Associates provides, their work with our Talent Pipeline employees has been extremely helpful and well-received by our most talented up and coming leaders. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
- CFO, Pharma

Every entity I have worked for lists coaching as a key leadership competency.  Now, thanks to Chuck, I actually know how to coach.  Adding these skills to my leadership repertoire has been enormously helpful.  I know we often feel like we are too busy to take time out for training.  This one is absolutely worth it.
- Deputy Director Government Agency

I have always tried to work with my direct reports from a coach’s perspective. I think I did it well.  After this training with Chuck, I am very confident that I am coaching much more effectively. The results are undeniable. My direct reports do a lot more thinking for themselves and take accountability for what happens in their area. I do a lot less telling them what to do.  I highly recommend this training!
- Training and Development Industry

I have always tried to work with my direct reports from a coach’s perspective. After this program I am confident that I am coaching much more effectively. The results are undeniable. My direct reports do a lot more thinking for themselves and take accountability for what happens in their area. And I do a lot less telling them what to do. I highly recommend this training program!
- Senior Director, Training and Development Industry