Individual Executive Coaching

This is a one to one, six to twelve- month process. We meet with the executive, manager and Human Resources Representative to identify the goals and objectives for the engagement. We utilize a series of structured interviews with the coaching client’s key stakeholders and various personality/behavioral assessments, including the Hogan Suite to get a clear picture of the executive’s organizational reputation. In conjunction with the coaching client, we create a Narrative Action Plan. The Plan offers specific and actionable steps the coaching client should take to address any areas of opportunity, often by leveraging strengths.


Team Coaching

This process includes individual coaching as well as team development elements. This is a one to two-year process. We do an assessment of team functioning as a first step. We conduct team meetings, generally once per quarter. We work with team members individually between these quarterly sessions.


Group Coaching

This approach differs from Team Coaching in that participants come from several teams or parts of the organization. The length of these programs vary but generally last from six to twelve months. We use an assessment to identify the topics the participants want to work on. We design the sessions based on the feedback we receive The topics serve as the theme of the sessions but our facilitators go where the discussions take them. Group coaching is a hybrid model which accesses elements of executive coaching, organizational development and group processes. Sessions can be delivered in person, online or both.



Our associates are available for speaking engagements on a number of areas of interest to corporate audiences.